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Europe has numerous squares, most of which were created just after the Middle Ages, but you can find 2,000 year old squares just as easily as well. Markets, crownings, punishments or even theater have all taken place on these squares in the past, but most of them have turned into large tourist attractions nowadays.

Earlier, Europeish asked people about their favorite European train station, and this time we asked 1,019 people which square in Europe they liked most. And yet again, the winner can be found in Belgium.

1. Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Image via Calxibe

2. Red Square

Moscow, Russia

Image via John P. Menzel

3. Place Stanislas

Nancy, France

Image via Aurélien Schvartz

4. Old Town Square

Prague, Czech Republic

Image via Axel D

5. Piazza del Campo

Siena, Italy

Image via Cedric Sarlette

6. Saint Peter’s Square

Rome/ Vatican, Italy

Image via Gianfranco Marangolo

7. Place de la Concorde

Paris, France

Image via AG Photographe

8. Trafalgar Square

London, England

Image via Wikipedia

9. Grand Place

Antwerp, Belgium

Image via Sara Kospal

10. Rynek Glowny

Kraków, Poland

Image via Alexandre Fundone

11. Piazza del Plebiscito

Naples (Italy)

Image via Salvatore

12. Marienplatz

Münich (Germany)

Image via Panos.at

13. Rådhuspladsen

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Image via Aaron Hall

14. Piazza Navona

Rome (Italy)

Image via Attilio Correnti

15. George Square

Glasgow (Scotland)

Image via Rafelot

16. Plaza Mayor

Madrid (Spain)

Image via Ramon Duran

17. Gendarmenmarkt

Berlin (Germany)

Image via Jonas Aarre Sommerset

18. Vrijthof

Maastricht (Netherlands)

Image via Mosae

19. Plaza de Espana

Sevilla (Spain)

Image via Roberto Ruiz

20. Place des Vosges

Paris (France)

Image via National Geographic

21. Palace Square

St Petersburg (Russia)

Image via Luis Manuel Guaida Escontria

22. Piazza San Marco

Venice (Italy)

Image via Toshio Kishiyama

23. Victoria Square

Birmingham (England)

Image via Richard

24. Plaza Mayor

Salamanca (Spain)

Image via Paco Calvino

25. Praça do Comércio

Lisbon (Portugal)

Image via Paolo Freire

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5 comments on "25 Amazingly Stunning European Squares";

  1. Reply Luis 09.06.2012 I think that Obradoiro's Square (Santiago de Compostela-Spain) is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.
  2. Reply udayan paul 28.10.2012 Love it !
  3. Reply Al 22.05.2014 I'm from Glasgow and George Square is universally regarded as a civic joke. It is grey, colourless and bland. The biggest eyesore is Queen Street railway station, a hideous dump full of fumes, followed by the red tarmac. It could do with some more colourful buildings. If you want a nice Scottish square, try St. Andrews Square in Edinburgh. The finest view in Glasgow is the juxtaposition of the stunning Kelvingrove Museum with the romantic University on the banks of the lush river Kelvin in the city's West End.
  4. Reply Drama Pietei Libertatii din Timisoara | Nebuloasa 09.02.2015 […] multe piete celebre ale Europei puteti vedea in articolul asta, de unde am luat si cele trei foto de mai sus pentru exemplificare. Cu mentiunea ca toate pietele […]
  5. Reply Andrea 18.09.2017 So you think the square in Birmingham is more beautiful than Heroes Square in Budapest.... hmmmm....

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