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If you’ve traveled through Europe by train, you’ll surely know one thing: nearly every station in Europe deserves to be stopped in. Amazing architecture, beautifully decorated buildings and immense passenger platforms not only accommodate whistling trains, but gasping tourists as well.

We asked just over 1,100 visitors of Europeish.com to share their opinion about twenty European train stations, and compiled a list with the ten most beautiful railway stations on the European continent (Russia and Turkey included), which you can find below.

10. St. Pancras, London (England)

Image via Al Richardson

9. Haydarpasa, Istanbul (Turkey)

Image via Emre Ergin

8. Atocha, Madrid (Spain)

Image via Yamiq

7. Liege-Guillemins, Liege (Belgium)

Image via Rui Barbosa Pinto

6. Lugovaya Station, Vladivostok (Russia)

Image via Striderv

5. Helsinki Central, Helsinki (Finland)

Image via Wikipedia

4. Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin (Germany)

Image via Rohaberl

3. Central Station, Groningen (Netherlands)

Image via Hugo

2. Gare des Bénédictins, Limoges (France)

Image via Francois Dumont

1. Central Station, Antwerpen (Belgium)

Image via Gaston Batistini

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9 comments on "The Most Beautiful European Railway Stations";

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  2. Reply Alex 21.10.2011 You should add Gare Centrale of Strasbourg here - it has a really cool bubble-ish facade protecting the old station. Google image search it, you won't be disappointed :)
  3. Reply Andreas 28.10.2011 Central Station in Antwerpen is really beautiful - you should show it from the outside too!
  4. Reply RP 12.05.2012 Thanks for shearing incredible railway platforms .Most beautiful platform that touch my heart is Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin.
  5. Reply Sebastian 08.06.2012 you are aware that vladiwostok couldn't quite possibly be further away from europe, being situated on the pacific and thus eastern coast of russia? you might wanna take that into account next time... ;)
  6. Reply Costas 03.10.2013 Strasbourg USED to be beautiful. With this ugly, Ugly, UGLY bubble they added it is now horrible.
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