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Europe has numerous squares, most of which were created just after the Middle Ages, but you can find 2,000 year old squares just as easily as well. Markets, crownings, punishments or even theater have all taken place on these squares in the past, but most of them have turned into large tourist attractions nowadays.

Earlier, Europeish asked people about their favorite European train station, and this time we asked 1,019 people which square in Europe they liked most. And yet again, the winner can be found in Belgium.

1. Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Image via Calxibe

Those Welsh rainy days serve a purpose: reflecting the beauty of remarkable buildings.

Cardiff City Hall
Photo by Steve Garrington

If you’ve traveled through Europe by train, you’ll surely know one thing: nearly every station in Europe deserves to be stopped in. Amazing architecture, beautifully decorated buildings and immense passenger platforms not only accommodate whistling trains, but gasping tourists as well.

We asked just over 1,100 visitors of Europeish.com to share their opinion about twenty European train stations, and compiled a list with the ten most beautiful railway stations on the European continent (Russia and Turkey included), which you can find below.

10. St. Pancras, London (England)

Image via Al Richardson

Europe is home to a long list of fabulous driving holiday destinations. Thanks to the varied and spectacular landscapes of the continent and its mix of culture you wont be driving far without seeing something amazing.

There are many great road trip destinations in Europe and we’ve listed a few of them below. Just make sure to get off the highway as soon as you can, so you can enjoy the true beauty of the country you’re visiting.


There is no better country to explore by car than Germany. A quick trip between Dresden, Berlin, and Munich is necessary for any history buff. Taking a car also allows vacationers in Germany to absorb the stunning and vast German landscape in a manner that would not be possible by train. Head down to Austria if you want to extend your road trip and see a little bit more of this wonderful region. You’ll have to park the car for a few days during Oktoberfest but other than that you’re set. If you’ve got a lead foot then you might try Germany’s Autobahn, as this highway does not have a speed limit.

Photos via Uschi, Till Krech

The Tuscan land is rich of hilly landscapes, characteristic cypresses and charming romantic accommodations in splendid locations. Traveling along white country roads one spots many farmhouses, dotting the countryside on hilltops surrounded by perfectly groomed vineyards and fields. Many of these farm houses were restored to create Tuscan apartments and hotels. These stays are in harmony with the natural environment they stand on.

Image via Charming Tuscany

Besides stunning landscapes, the Italian province of Tuscany has plenty of Romantic accommodations. However, four of these accommodations are very special. They are the perfect hideaway for a romantic experience, and each one is lovingly enriched by unique Tuscan accents.

Relais Sant’Elena

The first is the small and welcoming Relais Sant’Elena near Bibbona. Only fifteen rooms to give guests the peacefully romantic stay they seek. Loggias, brick walls, a lush garden abounding with flowers, and the swimming pool set amidst rolling hills shape the outdoors. The interiors are dominated by soft beige and its shades. The hotel was carved out of an old farmhouse, therefore all bedrooms are unique for shape and details. Wood beam ceilings, stone walls and original cotto tiles, contrast the fluffy pillows, smooth draping and antique furniture creating a homely feeling that is rarely found in hotels. Just imagine waking up here and opening your day on the rolling hills of Tuscany below your window!
Image via Relais Sant’Elena

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