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That’s a lot of Norwegian fjords to explore in such a small boat…

norwegian fjords
Photo via Maciej Duczynski

Sweden is much more than just low temperatures, snow, moose, Volvos and expensive alcohol. The large Scandinavian country also has a softer, more natural side, which is what these 17 amazing sunset photos can show you. It will definitely make you go øøøøh and åååååh.

Rörtången, via Julian Appel

Karlskrona, via Ski968

Fall has already arrived in the Tuscan landscape.

Photo via Francesco Sgroi

Definitely on our to-do list: enjoying the spectacular Cappadocian rocks in Turkey from a hot air balloon.

Photo via Julia Dimon

The Alps, the Pyrenees, the Carpathian Mountains or the Apennines; there are lots of impressive mountain ranges in Europe. The photos in this Photo Essay simply underline the beauty of these mountains, as only looking at them will make you want to go hiking or climbing, just to enjoy the marvelous views.

Mont Blanc, France

Via OneEighteen

Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic

Via Ben

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