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Alle artikelen over Tuesday’s Travelpic

Those Welsh rainy days serve a purpose: reflecting the beauty of remarkable buildings.

Cardiff City Hall
Photo by Steve Garrington

That’s a lot of Norwegian fjords to explore in such a small boat…

norwegian fjords
Photo via Maciej Duczynski

Fall has already arrived in the Tuscan landscape.

Photo via Francesco Sgroi

Definitely on our to-do list: enjoying the spectacular Cappadocian rocks in Turkey from a hot air balloon.

Photo via Julia Dimon

Cornwall is lovely place to be, when it’s not raining of course.

Photo via Jason Theaker

That’s an absolutely stunning view.

Photo via José Ángel Rodríguez

Lovely how the clouds reflect in the water.

Photo via Marika Eglite

The mountain on the background is Mount Ararat, in Armenia.

khor virap monastery
Photo via Alexanyan

This church in Pula, Italy, has a wonderful location…

Image via wiep-k

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