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Crisis, shmisis. The travel industry may have took a few punches, but it’s definitely far from knocked-out. The ten most expensive hotel rooms and presidential suites in Europe all have a nightly rate that exceeds your and my monthly salary combined and are usually booked nearly every week end. Their top clients? Probably bankers and oil company CEOs.

10. Royal Suite, Four Seasons George V, Parijs (France) – $15,447

The Champs-Elysées is at walking distance from the Four Seasons Hotel, in the heart of the French capital Paris. The Royal Suite measures over 2,600 square feet, and has a stunning view over a private garden with beautiful art deco fountains.



The Tuscan land is rich of hilly landscapes, characteristic cypresses and charming romantic accommodations in splendid locations. Traveling along white country roads one spots many farmhouses, dotting the countryside on hilltops surrounded by perfectly groomed vineyards and fields. Many of these farm houses were restored to create Tuscan apartments and hotels. These stays are in harmony with the natural environment they stand on.

Image via Charming Tuscany

Besides stunning landscapes, the Italian province of Tuscany has plenty of Romantic accommodations. However, four of these accommodations are very special. They are the perfect hideaway for a romantic experience, and each one is lovingly enriched by unique Tuscan accents.

Relais Sant’Elena

The first is the small and welcoming Relais Sant’Elena near Bibbona. Only fifteen rooms to give guests the peacefully romantic stay they seek. Loggias, brick walls, a lush garden abounding with flowers, and the swimming pool set amidst rolling hills shape the outdoors. The interiors are dominated by soft beige and its shades. The hotel was carved out of an old farmhouse, therefore all bedrooms are unique for shape and details. Wood beam ceilings, stone walls and original cotto tiles, contrast the fluffy pillows, smooth draping and antique furniture creating a homely feeling that is rarely found in hotels. Just imagine waking up here and opening your day on the rolling hills of Tuscany below your window!
Image via Relais Sant’Elena

Paris may be known as the ‘city of love’, but honestly, we don’t think that a 1,063 ft. tall collection of iron beams, a museum inside a glass pyramid, or having to pay 15 European dollars for an exceptionally small cup of coffee are very romantic. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll probably find amour in some parts of Paris, but when it comes to romanticness, we prefer Italy. And these five hotels will show you why.

1. Hotel Cipriani, Venice

“If Venice is a theatre, the Hotel Cipriani is the Royal Box”, is the slogan of this sea-side hotel. Hotel Cipriani is world famous for its amazing atmosphere, the stunning views and the romantic rooms. One night in this hotel will set you back around $700.


2. Faro di Capo Spartivento, Chia

The southernmost tip of the island Sardinia is being protected by the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento. This lighthouse, of which the light is still active, has been turned into a five-star hotel, and only has four rooms. Do exclusivity, relaxation and a 180 degree sea view sound romantic enough? Rates start at EUR 400 (around $500) a night.


3. Masseria Torre Maizza, Brindisi

Puglia, the region that is also known as ‘the heel of the Italian boot’, is home to many masserias. These buildings were used as farms or landhouses in the past, but many have been turned into a villa, hotel or resort. One of these masseria hotels is Torre Maizza, a luxurious and romantic masseria in Brindisi. Rates vary from $350 to $1850 a night.


4. Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, Gargnano

If you prefer visiting the north of Italy, Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, near the Garda Lake, is probably your best choice. This impressive villa was built in 1892, and is surrounded by olive- and lemon trees. The hand carved wooden ceilings are just a detail, but they definitely emphasise the romantic character of this hotel. One night will cost you around $1155, though…


5. Hotel Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare

This hotel is situated on top of a rock, but the restaurant of Hotel Grotta Palazzese resides in a cave, beneath the rock. This makes the hotel unique, but also very romantic. Spending the night in Hotel Grotta Palazzese is relatively cheap (compared to the other four hotels) at $200 a night.


Have you ever spent a night in an other romantic Italian hotel?

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