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Exploring Europe by Car

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Europe is home to a long list of fabulous driving holiday destinations. Thanks to the varied and spectacular landscapes of the continent and its mix of culture you wont be driving far without seeing something amazing.

There are many great road trip destinations in Europe and we’ve listed a few of them below. Just make sure to get off the highway as soon as you can, so you can enjoy the true beauty of the country you’re visiting.


There is no better country to explore by car than Germany. A quick trip between Dresden, Berlin, and Munich is necessary for any history buff. Taking a car also allows vacationers in Germany to absorb the stunning and vast German landscape in a manner that would not be possible by train. Head down to Austria if you want to extend your road trip and see a little bit more of this wonderful region. You’ll have to park the car for a few days during Oktoberfest but other than that you’re set. If you’ve got a lead foot then you might try Germany’s Autobahn, as this highway does not have a speed limit.

Photos via Uschi, Till Krech


If you’re from a country that drives on the left side of the road than driving in Ireland may come with a learning curve. A small challenge is always fun and most people can get a hang of the roads pretty quickly. You might try renting a car from a location outside of downtown Dublin or whatever city you happen to arrive. Known as the Emerald Isle, getting behind the wheel in Ireland is the best way to absorb the lush scenery of this naturally beautiful island. The roads in some of the more rural areas are quite rough but they’re still fun to drive on.

Photos via Etrusia UK, Alessandro Behling, Inez Ligeti

France and Spain

A lot of flights to Europe land in the UK or France so this area is great for launching off on your European road trip. Follow a wine and cheese route through Southern France and don’t forget the neighboring country of Spain. Spain is another great country to explore by car. You’ll enjoy the rugged countryside of Andalucía, the glittering southern coastline, and even big cities like Madrid.

Photos via Julien Ratel, Domi Rolland, Ignacio Lizarraga

Norway and the North

Sometimes it’s nice to get off the beaten trail. Driving through Germany and France or even the United Kingdom is quite common so why not try Norway and Sweden? Driving through this northern region is a beautiful way to vacation. The mountainous drive from Oslo to Bergen is likely Scandinavia’s most stunning road trip. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try driving north along the Arctic Highway. It’s probably a nicer drive in the summer, though!

Photos via Martin Ystenes, Giorgio Ghezzi, Ville, Stefan Elf

As you can see, traveling by plane might be faster, but traveling by car is a lot more beautiful.

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