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Several centuries ago, the Europeans were the first to sail their ships across the entire world. The economies of the Vikings, the English, the Dutch, the Portuguese and the Spaniards got enormous boosts because of their large ports and sailsmanship.

A lot has changed since then. Eight of the ten largest ports in the world are now to be found in China, but Europe still has quite a few very large harbors. Data via American Association of Port Authorities.

1. Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

This Dutch harbor was the largest in the world, until Shanghai and Singapore grew even larger in 1986. This satellite photo gives an indication of the size of the Port of Rotterdam.
rotterdam-haven(Image via Mannlines)

2. Antwerp (Belgium)

About an hour and a half to the south of Rotterdam is Antwerp, the largest port in Belgium. It’s around the same size as the harbor of Houston, which is the second-largest port in the USA.

antwerpen-haven(Image via S.Goovy)

3. Hamburg (Germany)

The German city of Hamburg may be nearly 50 miles from the coast, the river Elbe has allowed it to grow to be the third port in Europe.

hamburg-haven(Image via Stefan Gebenus)

4. Marseille (France)

marseille-haven(Image via Nirina R.)

5. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

amsterdam-haven(Image via Manuel MC)

6. Novorossyisk (Russia)

novorossyisk-haven(Image via STMA)

7. Le Havre (France)

le-havre-haven(Image via Tomabok)

8. Prymorsk (Russia)

primorsk-haven(Image via Angloazeri)

9. Bremen (Germany)

bremen-haven(Image via Heise)

10. Bergen (Norway)

bergen-haven(Image via Digital Grin)

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  1. Reply MC 29.05.2012 Felixstowe port?!?!?!
  2. Reply Thor 13.10.2014 How about the Port of Constanta, Romania? It's been recognised to be the third in size in Europe.
  3. Reply Fish 28.03.2017 Port of Hamburg is absolutely amazing. It's the busiest port I have ever seen.

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