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Are you looking for the ultimate city trip inspiration? Maybe The Big City can help you: A series of high-quality, king-size city photos, loosely inspired by The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture.

The Portuguese capital Lisbon is one of the most versatile cities in Southern Europe. It combines medieval landmarks with modern sights, and offers a broad variety of food, cultures and entertainment. Let Lisbon surprise you.

 The view over Lisbon from Castelo de São Jorge.

 The subway takes you from the airport to the city center in under 15 minutes. You’ll pass several beautiful subway stations, including Olaias.

 When you get out at Rossio station, you’ll walk onto the Praça da Figueira square straight away.

 Lisbon is known for the old, yellow trams. Some of them are several decades old, but still drive through the city center every day.

 Take tram 28, which will lead you through typical Portuegese streets and squares.

 Some of the buildings and facades in Lisbon could definitely use a paint job, though.

 Belém district is home of the famous Torre de Belém, and located just outside the city center.

 The stunning Jerónimos Monastery is also located in Belém.

 The monastery is the world’s best Manuel-style building and listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

 The adjecent church, with a 85 ft. dome, is also very impressive.

 The Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument looks out over the Atlantic Ocean.

 Lisbon’s nightlife awaits you after a long day in Belém.

 Get introduced to the typical Portuegese fado music in the (somewhat expensive) Clube de Fado.

 Petiscos, or ´Portuguese tapas´, are absolutely delicious.

 Lisbon is located on several hills, so prepare yourself for *lots* of stairs when you stroll through the city center.

 The people of Lisbon have built several street elevators to avoid these stairs. The Elevador de Santa Justa is over 100 years old.

 The streets of Lisbon conceal several old churches, including Lisbon Cathedral and this beautiful Igreja de São Roque.

 Praça de Restauradores is one of the largest squares in the city…

 … but Praça de Comércio, on the shore of the Tagus river, is even larger.

 The unique Casa dos Bicos house, which has been turned into a museum, is near Praça de Comércio.

 Visit Parque das Nações, or Expo for Lisbon’s modern side.

 Here, you can find art, museums, modern arcitechture and the large Vasco da Gama shopping center.

 Oceanário de Lisboa, which is one of the largest saltwater aquariums in the world, is also located in Parque das Nações.

 You can’t leave Lisbon without trying Pastel de Nata, the sweet, local delicacy.

 Lisbon (and Portugal) hope to see you soon!


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