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Even architects sometimes have an off-day, resulting in several weird, misshaped, unusual or plain ugly buildings all over the world. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely don’t think this a bad thing – we love weird buildings. As long as they’re not in our street, of course…

These are the twelve weirdest European buildings we know of.

1. Rock House – Guimarães, Portugal


2. Krzywy Domek (the crooked house) – Sopot, Poland


3. Casa Batllo – Barcelona, Spain


4. Atomium – Brussels, Belgium


5. Ideal Palace – Hauterives, France


6. International School – Oslo, Norway


7. Snail house – Sofia, Bulgaria


8. Hallgrimur Church – Reykjavik, Iceland


9. Thin House – London, England


10. Palais Bulles – Cannes, France


11. Edificio Mirador – Madrid, Spain


12. Four solaire – Odeillo, France


Do you know even more great, unusual, stunning or weird buildings in Europe? Don’t be afraid of the comment form below!

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4 comments on "Architects on Crack: 12 Weird European Buildings";

  1. Reply izzah 01.09.2010 lol this post cracks me up the school looks like a giant book shelf and you must be smoking pot to live in an acid colored snail house
  2. Reply guy rogers 19.07.2011 torres blancas Madrid
  3. Reply joao ramalho 18.06.2013 the cubic houses of rotterdam!
  4. Reply Annie Craven 09.06.2014 I love this! It's amazing to see such odd architecture!! I think that when people are allowed to build such out of the box concepts, it's so inspiring. Life gets a little more fun :)

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